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Planning the plant and flower beds is the most important part of gardening. Size, location, plants are all so important for a success. Hardiness zones for plants and flowers are very important. Within each zone, average seasonal temperatures can vary drastically from one community to another. An example of beds can consist of annuals and perennials in the front and a staggered row of taller plants (mainly shrubs) in the back.

In choosing the location for a flower bed and the placement of plants put the tallest flower bed plants in the back, the shortest in the front row, and the remaining plants in between. A layered flower bed should provide maximum visual appeal when all the plants mature.

Have a color scheme in mind when planting flower beds.

Preparation for planting the flower bed, you must remove the sod. Add compost to the soil. Compost increases the soil’s fertility. In the process of working compost into the ground, you’ll also be loosening the soil, making it more friable.

Clayey soil doesn’t percolate water quickly enough through it. Sandy soil has the opposite problem.  Landscaping can improve both types of soils by mixing in compost. Compost loosens up clay sufficiently to allow water to percolate through faster, while it retains enough water to counteract the plagues of sandy soils.

Weed barriers can be used in conjunction with garden mulch. Sheets of black plastic commonly used in weed control, hampers weeds in their efforts to take over your flower bed. Weed fabric barriers permit air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the soil.

Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation. Our consultation service provides: designing ideas, selecting plant materials, planting identification or recommendations.

If you have been having a drainage issue where the plants will be installed, then the drainage problems need to be solved during the initial design and construction phases of a project rather than afterwards


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