Best water tank repair

Are you looking for a reputable licensed builder within the industrial water tank industry? Then look no further other than Tank Maintenance. Water tank repair is the only licensed builder with specialty in the tank builds, maintenance, and modifications. We have carried a host of tank-related services such as maintenance, installation, and refurbishments for Food Process Companies, Government Hospitals, Power Stations, etc.

Our services include, but not limited to supply, installation, and service tanks, liners and components in the whole, and environs. Water tank repair also offer service to undertake manufacturers’ warranties at ATM. Our commitment is to be the number one company in all tank-related services.

Being an approved constructor, you can be assured that your insurance liability and warranty will comply with your assets as soon as they are installed or maintained by ATM. This will ensure that you avoid any unexpected default in insurance.

To enable us take control of the manufacturer’s warranty, we check the design of the tanks, as well as engineering and compliance to Standards. This has become necessary in view of the fact that managers who value assets and insurance policies require genuine warranty.

In terms of innovation, ATM is a company that has designed and produced tripods to install tanks of clients that have service agreement already in place. We also provide Tripods individually at very competitive and affordable prices for those who require them.


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