E3 2005: Nintendo roundtable

During a Nintendo roundtable today more information about the Twilight Princess was revealed: There will be a kind of light/dark world element in the game. Midna, the magical and mystical person/creature seen riding on Link’s back while he is in wolf form, was originally an enemy, but teams up with Link to fight a common enemy. It was confirmed that Link is able to communicate with animals and that they can teach him abilities. The size of the game is said to be much larger than Ocarina of Time, and features more dungeons than Ocarina of Time. The game will feature orchestrated music, but only in places and situations where the directors feel it will enchance the gaming experience.

Other news: 
Two official art images have been added to the Twilight Princess official art gallery. The official logo, and a beautiful image of Link and Zelda. Go to the Twilight Princess official art section by clicking on either of the images below.

Source: Zelda Central

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