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Control Features

Likewise with most things that we purchase, the more highlights on your golf trolley, the higher the cost; so investigating the highlights offered betters guarantee a decent worth purchasing choice. Investigate accessible highlights and separate them into classes – 1) “got the opportunity to-have”, 2) “pleasant to-have” and 3) “needn’t bother with;” at that point settle on your purchasing choice in like manner.

Here are a portion of the more significant highlights to search for:

A. Following Adjustment:

This is an “absolute necessity highlight” for all trolleys. Some remote control golf trolleys offer Electronic Tracking Adjustment – a pleasant comfort that enables you to modify following the hand-held remote instead of halting to make changes with a wrench.

B. Free-wheel Capability:

This is an “unquestionable requirement highlight” for all electric golf caddys in case of a power disappointment. Some trolleys are simpler to place in a free-wheel mode than others, yet it takes a touch of research to discover which.

C. Separation Advance:

This is a significant comfort highlight for Manual-control golf trolleys. It enables the golfer to send the trolley a short pre-set separation ahead and after that stop without expecting to stroll close to the trolley. This is particularly useful around the green where you can spare time by sending the trolley closer to the following tee while you are studying the green for you putt.

D. “No-signal Automatic Shut-off:”

With this component a moving electric golf caddy that doesn’t get a control signal (for example “stop” or “turn”)

inside a predetermined time, consequently stops This is a decent wellbeing highlight to avert “runaway trucks.”


E. Speed Memory or Programmable Speed Control:

This is a significant element especially for Manual-Control trucks, since the trolley’s speed can be coordinated to your strolling speed, you don’t need to keep your hand on the controls constantly.

Presently you would now be able to utilize the data about control highlights to help settle your decision.


The three basic factors in picking and electric golf trolley are 1) Control Type, 2) Performance Specifications, and 3) Control Features. Concentrating your purchasing research on these three factors in the request introduced will enable you to settle on a superior educated purchasing choice.

Reviews and comparisons

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