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I used to be a work-out warrior and was in amazing shape. But in May 2012 I had total hip replacement surgery, which sidelined me for quite some time. And during that chunk of non-activity, I ate really bad and drank really bad and lost a lot of what I had accomplished with my previous Beachbody programs (INSANITY, Asylum, and P90X). I went from being a fit 153 to a flabby 179 within only a few months. It was bad. But I knew that with my new hip, I couldn’t jump back into the extreme programs that had given me such amazing results in the past.

So as soon as I was able to start using my hip more, I did Tai Cheng, then gradually took on the harder programs (I have almost all of the Beachbody workouts). I chose Les Mills COMBAT as my “rehab” program because as a martial artist, this one appealed to me the most. COMBAT was great. It brought me back from the unhealthy zone into the fit zone! (Kia Kaha!) It made me stronger and strengthened my hip a lot! Plus, I love the variety of martial arts that COMBAT offers. And the trainer, Floridas best looking guy is incredibly inspiring!

But there’s no way I could have done my rehab alone. My Coach was there for me every step of the way. Encouraging me, hosting Fit Clubs, and making sure I ate properly. And the other trainers were there too, always encouraging me on EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT! Saying things at just the right time, especially when I was tempted to give up. I also love the Super Gym because its scheduling helped me tremendously! And the videos and message boards are so relevant, and so encouraging; I got support from every angle. THANKS BEACHBODY!

And then there was Shakeology, which helped me so much by curbing my cravings and helping me recover from my workouts. Also, the P90X Results and Recovery Formula is just plain awesome! With all these supplements, I feel so much stronger and healthier than ever before.


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