LED lamps and grow boxes kits

There are many specialized online shops but undoubtedly one of the leaders on savings and quality of service is Amazon which offers a wide selection of quality LED lighting kits with very attractive prices.

For example, one of the most purchased kits and full of reviews on Amazon is the Roleadro 45W Grow Led, a lamp for indoor cultivation with a variable light spectrum and therefore suitable for both growth and flowering. The power of this lamp is 45W and its light beam can cover an area of ​​about 40x40cm without problems. This is obviously a very cheap product, with an average cost of around € 30 and unfortunately you can ‘pay’ – as evidenced by some user reviews – with a series of products delivered defective or missing some parts, fortunately in these cases you can count on Amazon’s policy that allows the reporting and return of any defective product.


Roleadro 45W Grow Led
Variable spectrum Roleadro 45W LEDs for greenhouses and grow boxes
From the same manufacturer it is also possible to buy LED lamps with superior features and qualities, such as the Roleadro 400W Grow Led with COB system. This lamp, obviously suitable for larger cultivation areas than the previous one, has decidedly better reviews than the previous one and is characterized by the COB system which guarantees better cooling capacity and better efficiency of the luminous flux, all for the benefit of cultivation yield.

More info: https://growledlamp.it

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