Cash home buyers Cincinnati

We provide solutions for residents who are looking to put their properties up for sale as soon as possible. With our services, you’ll maximize your returns and reduce costs.

As one of the best real estate companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve our communities and clients.

Cash home buyers Cincinnati

Need to Sell my houses Fast Cincinnati Well We By Home Cash For Keys including single family homes, foreclosed homes, and investment properties. Thanks to our unique business model, we can sell your home without the need to go through a traditional real estate broker.

Our mission to help people solve their real estate problems in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of cost. We can buy houses for cash, renovate homes, and deliver custom solutions to help you save money. Regardless of your needs, we’ll be able to help you transform your current situation into a better one.

When You Sell my houses Cincinnati Fast Its A win Win Help Local Investors With Their Investments And Get Cash For Keys Sell My House Fast



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Jamie Buys Houses

Regardless of the type of loan – assumable, non-assumable, assumable with qualifying, FHA, VA, Conventional – I have approaches that work for all transactions. I take care of your monthly payments, take on all responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of your property, and liquidate your asset, before it becomes a liability! Now seriously, does it get any better than that? As I stated before, my approach can work in any situation. We’ll create the solutions, and you pick the one you like best! Let me share some examples with you.

I obviously don’t know how much you owe, how much it’s worth, or any of that. Those details can be handled when I am at your table. What I do know… and what you should know, is… If you’ll share the facts with me, in complete confidence, I can either tell you on-the-spot if I can’t

The purchase price will be sufficient, I guarantee it. I will immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and I’ll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or serious. What’s more, I’ll close when you’re ready. You see, I’ve found that I can make an acceptable profit on homes that even real estate agents have passed up.


Your situation literally becomes OUR situation. And, frankly, I don’t know how to make it work any other way. You Can Get On With Your Life! Look, like I said earlier, people sell homes for various reasons.

Maybe it’s a company down-sizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy for foreclosure… or they could’ve won the lottery.

Later, at their home, I looked over their loan papers, and we began to solve their problem.You see, they owed $210,000 at 8%, paying $1540.91 a month. Mary had a friend who was a Realtor, and she’d told them they were probably upside-down (owed more principal and interest than the house would sell for including commissions).

We realized a profit from the difference between the Smith’s loan balance and the new buyers purchase price. But most importantly, the Smiths were released from liability, thus making life a lot less stressful for them. It was a win/win situation for

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