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If you love a good FPS and own a Sony PS3 then you’ll want to give Resistance 3 some game time, especially the innovative weapons and a much-improved weapon upgrade system. Following on from our early Resistance 3 review roundup we wanted to talk about advancement in the game.

With new game releases it’s common to find gamers that give in too easy, and these players tend to look for cheats and this won’t be any different for Resistance 3. this topic is a controversial one, with some players finding cheats a way to unlock certain parts of the game and other gamers hating cheaters, especially with online play.



You can find plenty of ways to advance in Resistance 3 without using cheats, and one of the best ways is to look at tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. this extra help gives you a head start and then allows you try and repeat the success of others after a little knowledge, while this could be seen as cheating, it’s better in our opinion.

An article on Just Push start looks at a few techniques for Resistance 3, which they point out is no walk in the park, especially the single player campaign. They have listed some tips and tricks for the single player game, which are perfect for noobs.

The tips are pretty basic and include things like don’t run-and-gun, look out for health packs, don’t be stingy with your ammo, and also that you should keep an eye on your journals. each tip is explained in a little more detail and can all be found here in their article.

For players that need more than these basic tips, and maybe a few Resistance 3 walkthrough videos then you should visit this page on YouTube. If you didn’t know already, Resistance 3 was released in the US today and will launch in the EU on September 9.

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