Subway Surfers Game Download

Subway Surfers 2 is a action game where you as player have to escape from a railway inspector who is angry with you for spraying graffito over the station. It is a similar to Temple Run Game in which you have to escape from the evil demon monkeys. As this is very fun game so it keep you coming back for playing more.

In Subway Surfers 2 Game you also have to run faster to escape from a Railway Inspector and also abandoned from the trains passing by you at full speed. You only have three lane in Subway Surfers on which you have to move your character between any of free tracks. Subway surfers mod apk is also available on demand.



You can control your character Subway Surfers 2 by swiping to move on to any railway lanes and to jump whenever any obstacles comes your way. You can also dodge and take any gadgets like skateboards for moving faster on train tracks and jet packs to move in sky. You have to run on the train tracks and keep out of a Railway Inspector’s reach. If you run slow then inspector catch you so you have to run surf faster on top of the train either with help of skateboards or any other gadgets. In the railway track you also have to collect coins and get character’s power up with them.

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